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  • How to Start a Low-Carb Diet By Jessica Migala

    Hint: It's not just about eating more steak! Learn why a low-carb diet might be a healthy option for you. Plus, what foods to eat more of and less of when you're cutting carbs the healthy way. Pictured recipe: Cauliflower Fried Rice with Steak Maybe you have a neighbour who went on a low-carb diet and lost a lot of weight. Or you heard about so-and-so celeb who did it for a role or to lose the baby weight. Whatever your motivation, sometimes a low-carb diet can seem like the magic solution for [...]

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    I'm a Dietitian and Don't Always Eat Five Servings of Fruits & Vegetables a Day By Victoria Seaver

    It just doesn't always happen—here's why I'm not concerned. I'm a french-fries-and-ranch kinda gal, a clam chowder lover and a Buffalo-flavored-anything devotee. I'm also salad obsessed (chopped salads are my favourite right now), and a huge fan of doubling up a delicious veggie side dish recipe and turning it into the main star of the meal. I have a healthy balance overall but there are days where I'm far from getting in the five servings of fruits and veggies recommended by the World [...]

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    7-Day Clean-Eating Vegetarian Meal Plan to Lose Weight 1200 Calories By Emily Lachtrupp

    Hit the reset button with this clean-eating vegetarian meal plan. Filled with healthy plant-based whole foods, you'll give your body the nutrients it needs and none of the stuff it doesn't (think added sugars, refined grains and unhealthy fats).   Packed with healthy whole foods, this vegetarian clean-eating meal plan will give your body the nutrients it needs and none of the stuff it doesn't. We ditch added sugars, simple starches and unhealthy fats while pumping up the high-fibre fruits, [...]

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    Foods to Lose Belly Fat By Jessica Migala

    Some of the tastiest foods are also the best for your waistline. Wanting a smaller waist and flatter belly isn't all about looking good in your jeans. People sporting large amounts of visceral fat (the type of internal fat that dangerously hugs organs) are more likely to have a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, especially true if a woman's waist circumference exceeds 35 inches. There is no true magic bullet when it comes to belly fat. But research shows filling your plate with [...]

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    EatingWell Eat Cheap Week

    Eating healthy on a budget can be challenging, but we've done the planning to help you save money with ease. Skip the ramen—this one-week meal plan is full of delicious recipes to eat when you're broke (each dinner costs less than $2 per serving!). Plus get tips for saving money at the grocery store, packing cheap lunches for work, making restaurant favourites at home and more! Eat Cheap 7-Day Meal Plan Eating healthy on a budget is easier to do when you have a meal plan and stick to it. We've[...]

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